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About Pamela

The value I place on craftsmanship is rooted deep in my experience of being the child of a maker.  Although my mother’s artistic endeavours were pursued purely for pleasure, I believe that the impulse which inspired her to create is the same impulse which propels the practice of professional craftspeople and artists.  Although I have inherited none of her skill, her influence has instilled within me an appreciation of authentic objects made with love and imbued with artistic integrity.

This perhaps explains my teenage attraction to the work of William Morris and, later on, a burgeoning interest in the decorative arts and craftsmanship of the past. In more recent years, this has evolved to embrace the rich seam of contemporary creative output from makers exhibiting in galleries and workshops across the country. 

I am no Luddite, but I do believe that the essentially humane aspect of craftsmanship offers a much needed counter to ever-encroaching digital domination. It is this conviction and a desire to play some part in sharing the enrichment with which craftsmanship is able to nourish everyday life, that inspired the idea of The Creative Concierge Agency.